Deal Trays:These are the familiar trays you see in banks, credit unions, and entertainment venues, where the vast majority of transactions involve nothing more than slips of paper.  These “deal trays” are generally crafted from 18 gauge stainless steel, with welded seams and a brushed finish.  Deal trays are available as recessed or counter-mounted units in standard prefabricated sizes, or custom made to order.  Some settings call for a tray with a flip-top or sliding cover, which may or may not lock for added after-hours security.

Pass Thru/Transaction Door: In settings where clerks and customers need to handle bulkier items–such as in pharmacies, or other retail operations–businesses might opt for a transaction drawer, also referred to as a “pass-thru drawers“.  Like the deal trays, these are prefabricated from welded stainless steel.  They can be either counter-top mounted, or built into existing bullet-resistant walls, even exterior walls.

Package Receivers/Passers:Some businesses–such as post offices and shipping companies–can expect to spend much of the day handling packages far too large for a teller’s deal tray or drawer.  Large, rectangular bullet resistant package passers have interlocking doors, one on either side of the bullet-resistant barrier.  The interlocking mechanism assures that only one of the doors can be open
at a time.  Such passers are available as prefabricated or custom units, and are generally made from either welded stainless steel or 1 1/4 inch thick acrylic.  For larger items–even the food trays used in quick-serve restaurants–businesses often choose to use rotary package passers, or “lazy susans.”  These large passers (up to four cubic feet) use a rotating drum or turntable to securely pass goods from the worker to the customer.


There is an inherent contradiction at the heart of any bullet resistant system:  You need to create a barrier that will stop a bullet in its tracks, but still allow workers and clients to exchange papers and packages unhindered.  There are three established ways to accomplish this.

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