Bullet Proof and Blast Proof Doors
Bullet Proof Doors:
We offer bullet-resistant hollow metal doors, ballistic aluminum doors ,ballistic steel doors and frames manufactured to UL-752 standards, from level 1 through level 8. These doors can withstand a variety of different ballistic levels, ranging from medium powered small arms up to high-powered rifles having 7.62 mm ammunition. The door frames for these doors are available in aluminum, slip in steel, and steel wrap around, all packed with the required ballistic fiberglass. The doors are available in a number of models such as standard hollow metal doors, doors with view window, narrow-lite doors, and half-lite doors. Our hollow metal doors are also offered in a double door configuration, to secure larger entries.

Blast Proof Doors:
The performance unit of the Blast Proof Door is ‘bar’, where 1 bar means the door can withstand the explosion of a 500-lb GP bomb.
We acquired a performance evaluation certification through through tests for Blast Proof Door performance with 40 bars, carried out with the Agency for Defense Development and has designed, manufactured and installed the high-performance Blast Proof Doors that ensure up to 50 bars of explosive loading.
Materials used in making the Blast Proof Door include concrete or steel, but these must be complemented with an explosion-proof performance that can block explosive pressure from outside.

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