Electromagnetic Locks include all hardware to meet fire codes.  Including a Highpower pneumatic exit release, PIR egress sensor and lock.  We can also install a power supply. Designed to comply with NFPA fire codes.

Magnetic Locks

Some of the types of Card readers we install are Proximity card readers, Smart Series card readers, fingerprint readers, barcode scanners,
Card Readers

Pushplates are  heavy duty

controls that  are typically used in conjunction with an electromagnetic door lock to meet NFPA fire codes.  They are designed for rugged applications.


                                     Access control panels have the
                                   ability to handle many card formats
                                    and provides automation features.
                                    It can run stand alone without a
                                   constant connection to a computer.  The IRC panel features extra inputs and outputs that can be programmed with software for automation.  Available with proximity card readers or  with "J" series mag-stripe and barcode readers. 

Control Panels
                                         Pneumatic timers are used in areas
                                        where the use of an electrical current
                                       is undesirable or dangerous. (Many oil
                                        refineries use pneumatic timers
instead of electric clocks. An electric spark in such a manufacturing establishment can easily start a fire.)

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